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Faculty E-Mail Addresses

Name Email Roles
ARGENT, CHRISTINA cargent@salisbury.k12.mo.us     5th Grade
BACHTEL, KATHRYN kbachtel@salisbury.k12.mo.us 6th Grade
BALL, CHRISTINA cball@salisbury.k12.mo.us 2nd Grade
BLUME, MEGAN mblume@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH Math
BROOKS, DANE dbrooks@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary PE
MCFADDEN, ALEX amcfadden@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Social Studies
CLARK, STEPHANY sclark@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Art
CLAWSON, TROY tclawson@salisbury.k12.mo.us Superintendent
CONWAY, MELISSA mconway@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Special Ed Aide
COOK, SIDNEY scook@salisbury.k12.mo.us 1st Grade
DOMAN, BRITTNEY bdoman@salisbury.k12.mo.us 2nd Grade
FESSLER, DEANNE   dfessler@salisbury.k12.mo.us K-12 Librarian
FREELS, SARAH sfreels@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Science
GEBHARDT, CARON cgebhardt@salisbury.k12.mo.us Special Education Director
GEBHARDT, ROBIN rgebhardt@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary Principal
GILBERT, JOHN jgilbert@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Science
GILBERT, WHITNEY     wgilbert@salisbury.k12.mo.us PAT
GLADBACH, STEPHANIE sgladbach@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Business
GRASKEWICZ, WENDY wgraskewicz@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Special Education
GREEN, MITCHELL mgreen@salisbury.k12.mo.us Technology Coordinator
HAINES, JASON jhaines@salisbury.k12.mo.us Athletic Director, A+ Coordinator and HS Math
THOMSON, LEANNA lthomson@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Counselor
HARTMANN, JESSICA jhartmann@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Communication Arts
HENKE, BETTY bhenke@salisbury.k12.mo.us 4th Grade
HENKE, RENEE'   rhenke@salisbury.k12.mo.us Food Service Director
BRAMMER, BREANNE bbrammer@salisbury.k12.mo.us Agriculture Ed.
HINKLE, HEATHER hhinkle@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Special Ed. Aide
HOWARD, LISA lhoward@salisbury.k12.mo.us 1st Grade
KING, AMBER aking@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary Art
KING, NATE nking@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Boys Physical Education
KUSTER, COREE ckuster@salisbury.k12.mo.us 5th Grade
THOMAS, KRISTY kthomas@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Math
LITTLETON, ALICIA alittleton@salisbury.k12.mo.us Kindergarten
LOCK, TERRI tlock@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary Special Education
MAREK, JERI jmarek@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Special Education
MAULE, JENNA jmaule@salisbury.k12.mo.us K-12 Instrumental Music
MCFADDEN, SHERRY smcfadden@salisbury.k12.mo.us Kindergarten
MENEES, STACY smenees@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Girls Physical Education
MONNIG, MELITA mmonnig@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary Special Ed. Aide
MORALES, JANET jmorales@salisbury.k12.mo.us Spanish
MURPHY, ANDREW     amurphy@salisbury.k12.mo.us Elementary Counselor
ONEILL, MICHAEL moneill@salisbury.k12.mo.us K-12 Vocal Music
OSTERMANN, LINDSAY lostermann@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS FACS
RATLIFF, JILL jratliff@salisbury.k12.mo.us 3rd Grade
RICKETTS, JANELLE jricketts@salisbury.k12.mo.us Title I
ROBERTSON, SAMANTHA srobertson@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS English/Drama
ROLING, KATHY kroling@salisbury.k12.mo.us Title I
SCHEIDERER, DAWN dscheiderer@salisbury.k12.mo.us 4th Grade
SCHREINER, ERIN eschreiner@salisbury.k12.mo.us 3rd Grade
SELLERS, BROOKE bsellers@salisbury.k12.mo.us K-12 Library Aide
SWALLOW, AMY aswallow@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/Hs Social Studies
VETTER, JAMIE jvetter@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Social Studies
WALES, TONY twales@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Math
MOUNTAIN, HANNAH hmountain@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Science
WILKEY, RALINDA rwilkey@salisbury.k12.mo.us JH/HS Communication Arts
WYATT, KENNY kwyatt@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Basketball/ Boys Golf
YATES, JUSTIN jyates@salisbury.k12.mo.us HS Principal