Drama Dept Presents A Hill Billy Weddin'

Salisbury High School Drama Club will present its fall production A Hillbilly Weddin’ by Le Roma Gerth soon.  This play is a comedy that will appeal to all age groups.  Pa Belsnickle (Emmett Gutz) is a man with six problems—in the form of six unmarried daughters. Juney Lou (Crystal Bales), his third daughter, wants to marry Homer Upchlager, but Ma Belsnickle (Ashley Howser) has decided Juney Lou can't get married until Ceelie (Madisyn Conway) and Bonnie Mae (Kaylyn Hinkle) are married and living happily ever after. She elects Pa to find husbands for them. Pa takes his shotgun off the wall to secure the necessary husbands. Throw in two city folks (Sydney Stundebeck and Stran Henry), two hillbilly neighbors and a weird cousin (Liam Nugent, Draegan Ross, Ethan Gutz), Pa’s three youngest daughters (Katelynn Gerdes, Haley Alberson, Annabeth Lee-Regier), a country preacher (Will Long), gunshots, and mayhem, and you have a comedy that is sure to keep you laughing.  Come see this production Thursday, November 14 and Friday, November 15th at 7:00 p.m. or Sunday, November 17th at 2:00 in the dome lobby.