Construction of a new Ag. Education Building is about to begin.  Schwada Builders will be constructing a new pre-engineered building on the southwest corner of the HS property, directly south of the new HS classroom addition.  The area has been marked with an orange construction fence.  Weather permitting, we hope to begin dirt work and preparation for the foundation of the building between now and the end of the year.  Construction of the building itself should begin in March.  Work on the entire project is scheduled to be completed by July 1st.  We are very excited about adding this building to our facilities.  Salisbury has always had a rich tradition in Ag. and FFA.  The district has been committed to adding more hands-on learning opportunities for our students.  The new building will be a 6400 sq. ft. building that will have two classrooms, restrooms, a wood shop, a large metal shop and storage areas for tools, projects and classroom materials.  While most of our current shop equipment will be used in the new shop, we are continuing to work to update the equipment as needed.  Our new shop will have new welding booths and will be able to accommodate both large and small projects.  We will also be working to relocate a greenhouse near the new building.  The new facility will be ready for our students at the beginning of next school year.  A SHS Campus Overview and model of the new building is attached.  Feel free to stop by or contact me if you have any questions regarding the new Ag. Building.