At the December board meeting, the Salisbury R-IV Board of Education adopted eight S.M.A.R.T. Goals. S.M.A.R.T. Goals are Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-Bound. Each Goal has a Priority and Objective. I will break down one of the goals into detail, and encourage you to look at all eight goals. Over the next several months the district will be working plans to address each of these goals.  As plans for each goal are adopted, updates will be able posted on the district's website.

The Priority for one Goal is “Facilities”, with the Objective being to “Prepare for the facility needs of the District”. The Goal is for the Superintendent, other administrators, employees and community members to develop a process to determine recommendations for a long-term facility plan. The Specific is for this group to study enrollment trends, department, capital and safety needs, and to consider the financial implications of those needs. The Measurable component is a written report that will be finalized by the Superintendent and presented to the Board. The Attainable component states that district personnel along with outside consultants can prepare this report. Examples of outside consultants might include architects, and engineers. It is Relevant because this document will help the District to prepare for the future in a transparent and written format, and it helps address historical concerns regarding decisions about District facilities. The Time-Bound component consists of two aspects. The first aspect is for a plan to be presented to the Board in March, and then for the Board to adopt a plan in May.

The eight S.M.A.R.T. Goals and basic objectives adopted by the district as a follows: 1) Facilities-Prepare for the facility needs of the district; 2) Student Success-Continue to develop and implement responsive, inclusive programs and services to meet the needs of all students; 3) Student Success-Access and communicate information for monitoring and adjusting professional practice; 4) Student Success-Establish a plan to update curriculum, assessment, instructional practices, and resources to engage students and increase achievement. The first part being the establishment of a systematic plan where curricular areas are evaluated; 5) Student Success- Establish a plan to update curriculum, assessment, instructional practices, and resources to engage students and increase achievement. The second part of this curriculum goal is to continue to expand the HS course offerings; 6) Communication/Trust-Create a communication plan to increase transparency, understanding, and trust; 7) Employee Well Being-Create and sustain positive cultures and practices to retain and reward highly qualified personnel; 8) Board/Superintendent Communication-The Board and Superintendent will develop a communication protocol.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are approved by the Board, they are transparent in relation to the Goal and the reporting of the Goal, and they involve stakeholder input. In other words, the direction of the District will involve the input of employees and community members, be approved and measured, and these Goals will be clear for everyone to follow. We appreciate your support as we work to prepare every student for success through learning and working together.