Science Olympiad

Saturday February 29th the following students competed at the Regional Science Olympiad competition at Truman State University: Draegan Ross, Olivia Sloan, Emmalee Wyatt, Anna White, Andrew Ricketts, Gabe Haines, Kate Kottman, Ella Schrieder, Madi Lock, Emery Gutz, and Drake Whitman.  Overall, the team placed 5th, advancing on to the state competition on April 4th.  

Following are the results of the individual events:  Anna and Draegan placed 1st in Anatomy. Drake and Anna placed 1st in Machines.  Olivia and Draegan placed 2nd in Designer Genes. Emmalee and Draegan placed 2nd in Fossils. Andrew and Emery placed 3rd in Wright Stuff. Andrew, Emmalee, and Gabe placed 3rd in Experimental Design. Emmalee and Gabe placed 3rd in Chem Lab. Olivia and Anna placed 4th in Protein Modeling.  Kate and Madi placed 4th in Water Quality. Andrew and Emery placed 5th in Gravity Vehicle.

Way to go!