Pre Participation Physicals Information

Salisbury High School requires each student participating in athletics must have a completed physical must be on file with the athletic department for all students before participating in sports, cheer, and band.  This meets the MSHSAA By-Law 3.8.1 Requirement.  New in 2019 to MSHSAA, all sports physicals will be good upon completion for 730 days.  For most students who saw the Medical Professional last year and had the professional sign off and have the  physical on file, only need to completely fill out the Annual Requirement Form below.  For students who  did not see a medical professional last year need to complete the Medical Professional Form below  and see a medical professional.  

Click Here to Download the Annual Form

Click Here to Download the Medical Professional Form

If you are uncertain which form you need to fill out you may contact Mr. Haines for more information.  

Reminder:  You have to have a completed form on file BEFORE practicing.