Lewis and Clark JH Basketball Tournament Changes

The Lewis and Clark Conference Basketball Tournament scheduled for Nov 9-13th will take place with some changes in order to keep multiple towns from gathering at one place.  Salisbury will now host the Lewis Pool and Marceline will host the Clark Pool.  All games at Salisbury will be played in the dome and each participant will be allowed only 2 tickets for admission.  Those tickets will allow you to pay an entry fee of $3 for adults and $2 for students.   We ask home fans to sit on the South side every other row not including the first row, and guest fans will be sitting on the North side every other row not including the first two rows.  We ask spectators to please space yourselves out and masks are strongly encouraged.  The list of games can be found below:

Lewis and Clark Jr. High Basketball Tournament 

November 9th-13th, 2020, at Marceline High School 

Monday, November 9th 

Salisbury                                                                             Marceline 

6:00 Harrisburg vs Salisbury (Girls)                6:00 Paris vs Marceline (Girls) 

7:15 Harrisburg vs Salisbury (Boys)                  7:15 Paris vs Marceline (Boys) 

Tuesday, November 10th 

Salisbury                                                                            Marceline 

6:00 Westran vs Harrisburg (Girls)                 6:00 Marceline vs Fayette (Girls) 

7:15 Westran vs Harrisburg (Boys)                   7:15 Marceline vs Fayette (Boys) 

Wednesday, November 11th 

Salisbury                                                                           Marceline 

6:00 Salisbury vs. Westran (Girls)                  6:00 Fayette vs Paris (Girls) 

7:15 Salisbury vs. Westran (Boys)                    7:15 Fayette vs Paris (Boys) 

Thursday, November 12th (Marceline) 

6:00 Girls Lewis 1st Place Team vs. Girls Clark 1st Place Team 

7:15 Boys Lewis 1st Place Team vs. Boys Clark 1st Place Team 

Girls & Boys Lewis Pool                                   Girls & Boys Clark Pool 

Westran                                                                          Marceline 

Salisbury                                                                       Fayette 

Harrisburg                                                                    Paris 

Team Listed first will be the home team & wear white