Salisbury FBLA Advances to State Competition

On Friday, February 16, seventeen of Salisbury's FBLA members traveled to Chillicothe, MO to attend the District 19 FBLA Conference. The conference is held for members who wish to compete in presentation events, and to award those who placed in the top five in the district. Salisbury had 24 members compete in a variety of events ranging from individual tests to team presentations. Of those 24 members, 21 received a top 5 medal at Districts. Members are allowed to compete in up to three events at the conference, so most members walked away with multiple medals. Salisbury's chapter placed in 25 events. 

This year to help FBLA members prepare for their events, the chapter held study socials. These study socials were held after school and on weekends. During the social, members could take practice tests, work on their projects and practice presentations. The time and effort spent on their events definitely paid off. Of the 21 members who received a district medal, 20 will be advancing to the state FBLA conference that will be held Sunday, April 8 through Tuesday, April 10. Stran Henry will also be joining the group and competing in a straight to state event. The awards given at the district 19 conference are as follows:

Accounting- Sidney Marek, 1st*

Advertising- Allison Binder, 1st* and Jacob Weinstein, 2nd*

Agribusiness- Ethan Gutz, 4th* and Mattie Kottman, wild card*

Broadcast Journalism- Allison Binder, Jill Collier, Sidney Marek, 1st*

Business Communication- Torre Taylor, 3rd*

Business Law- Laura White, 1st*

Business Plan- Megan Edwards, Emmett Gutz, Mattie Kottman, 2nd

Client Service- Laura White, 1st*

Computer Applications- Amanda Nejedly, 1st* and Sydney Stundebeck, 4th

Computer Problem Solving- Mitchell Stallo, 1st* and Jacob Weinstein, 3rd *

Cyber Security- Mitchell Stallo, 1st*

Database Design- Brooke Stefankiewicz, 1st* and Emmett Gutz, 2nd*

Digital Video Production- Brooke Stefankiewicz, Bryn Wooldridge, and Emma Ricketts, 1st*

Graphic Design- Allison Binder, Jill Collier, and Sidney Marek, 2nd

Healthcare Administration- Laura White, 1st* and Leah Hinkle, 2nd*

Introduction to Business- Emmett Gutz, 1st*

Intro to Business Communication- Sydney Stundebeck, 3rd* and Anna White, 4th*

Intro to Business Presentation- Anna White, Wade Binder, and Emmalee Wyatt, 2nd

Intro to FBLA- Kaylyn Hinkle, 4th*

Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure- Wade Binder, 4th*

Journalism- Megan Edwards, 1st*, Jill Collier, 3rd*, and Torre Taylor, 4th *

Marketing- Ethan Gutz and Wade Binder, 5th

Public Service Announcement- Emmalee Wyatt, 4th

Sales Presentation- Sydney Stundebeck, 2nd*

Speadsheet Design- Bryn Wooldridge, 2nd* and Ethan Gutz, 3rd

Website Design- Jacob Weinstein and Mitchell Stallo, 3rd

Word Processing- Amanda Nejedly, 1st* and Anna White, 4th

*=advancing to state