Elementary Spelling Bee Winners

Salisbury Elementary held the Annual First Grade - Sixth Grade Spelling Bee on May 4th, 2021. The students have spent many hours practicing for the Spelling Bee competition.   A special thanks to Mrs. Cecilia Dotson, Ms. Terry Hulett, and Mrs. Alline Smith for volunteering to assist as judges for this event.   Each participant received a certificate and slushy coupon donated by The Bottle.

1st Grade- (left to right)
1st- Ethan Littleton 
2nd- Colby Montana Edwards
3rd- Miles Cooper
4th- Brett Bachtel
5th- Gavin Lawson
6th- Kaylin Billington

2nd Grade- (left to right)
1st- Reid Lilly
2nd- Madison Distler
3rd- Natilee Grant
4th- Gillian Wilhoit
5th- Lena Robb
6th- Ryelyne Rifenberg

3rd Grade- (left to right)
1st- Issac Harmon
2nd- Jasper Thomson
3rd- Annie Ramsey
4th- Brody Nolke
5th- Miles Biere
6th- Kai Sotelo

4th Grade- (left to right)
1st- Natalie Biere
2nd- Shawna West
3rd- Alex McDonald
4th- Garrett Weimer
5th- Gabby Gordon
6th- Grady Harmon

5th Grade- (left to right)
1st- Abigail Rice
2nd- Brett Cruse
3rd- Gracie Billue
4th- Kaiden Jackson
5th- Shane Walker
6th- Avery Green

6th Grade- (left to right)
1st- Lydea Britt
2nd- Owen Hamilton
3rd- Asia Woods
4th- Stephen Thomson
5th- Dominic Goett
6th- Morgan Sellers