Retired Teacher Grant

Pictured:  Jill Ratliff & Kelsey Almond (grant recipients), Tony Whiston (superintendent), Terry Hulett (Board of Education/MRTA member), Robin Gebhardt (principal) Linda Stober (MRTA member), and Wendy Bernier (MRTA Regional Vice-President)

Two Salisbury Elementary teachers were recognized at the Salisbury R-IV Teacher Inservices with the presentation of a $500 grant from the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation.  Missouri Retired Teachers Association Region 5 Vice-President, Wendy Bernier presented the award to Kelsey Almond and Jill Ratliff.  MRTA members Linda Stober and Terry Hulett were also a part of the celebration.  

Miss Almond and Mrs.Ratliff plan to use the grant funds for additional literature sets.  They were specifically chosen for their desire to integrate their teaching of reading with units of instruction already occurring in science and social studies.  Members of the committee recognized the importance of students making connections to their reading.

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association authorized the formation of the Missouri Retired  Teachers Foundation in 2002.  The Foundation is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization devoted exclusively to carrying out certain charitable, educational, scientific, and literary purposes which include the following:

  • To foster a spirit of respect, loyalty, and enthusiasm among retirees.

  • To conduct activities and service projects which advance the cause of public education and the teaching profession in Missouri.

  • To award grants and scholarships to students enrolled in teacher education programs, to active teachers and to support personnel to extend their professional training.

  • To perform other humanitarian endeavors consistent with the Foundation’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

The Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity.  All contributions and gifts to the Foundation from individuals, firms, associations, and other organizations are tax-deductible for both income tax and gifts from estates.  Independent financial audits are performed each year to ensure contributors that the funds are properly accounted for and being used consistent with the Foundation’s purposes.