Weather Make-up Days

Winter weather has caused many cancellations and scheduling issues.  As of February 11th, we have missed 8 days of school due to inclement weather.  We had six make-up days built into the 2018-19 school calendar (Three built-in days, May 17, May 20, and May 21).  In addition to these dates, a seventh weather make-up day will be May 22.  The last day of school is always an early out.

Current Missouri school requirements state that a school must make up the first 7 days missed for weather related issues.  Day 8, 10, and 12 would then be excused.  Day 9, 11, and 13 must be made up.  Day 14 and beyond are excused.  Schools must make up a total of 10 missed days from the originally planned calendar. 

Our last day of school right now is Wednesday, May 22nd and will be an early released day.  If the winter weather continues, forcing us to miss more days, they will be made up in this order:  9th day-Thursday, May 23rd, 11th day-Friday, May 24th, 13th day-Monday, April 22nd

School District Calendars will have different requirements beginning in 2019-20.  The changes will grant school districts more flexibility in making up weather related time missed.  Next year, school calendar requirements will be based on hours not days.  School must attend a minimum of 1044 hours.  Our calendar will have at least 1080+ hours, which will allow time for unscheduled days out along with early outs or late starts that are weather related.  We would also be able to change a planned half day to a full day to pick up additional hours should it be necessary.  The Salisbury R-IV School District will be approving the 2019-20 School Calendar this month.  Our school calendar should look very similar to recent calendars and will be posted on the school districts website later in February.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work to re-schedule days and activities affected by this winters weather.  The safety for our students and staff is always our top priority.  Hopefully we are past the worst of the winter weather for 2019.  Feel free to contact me any time you have questions.