MSHSAA Quarterfinal

The Class 2 Quarterfinal Boys Basketball Game will be played on Friday, March 5, at 6:00 pm at Montgomery County High School.  With the following code and directions, you will be able to get up to 10 tickets at a time.  You may use the code more than once.  Purchase of tickets must be done by Friday, March 5, at 9:59 am.  At that time, any unused codes will be released for the general public to purchase up to the full capacity.  We are allotted 200 tickets total.  I strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets today in order to make sure you have your family covered.  Below are the directions sent to me by MSHSAA.  

Based on the host school ticket pool of 400 you have 200 protected during the presale period. A reminder, the presale period will expire at 9:59AM on the day of your game, after that time the presale code will no longer be valid.

Your presale code is J2B78H.

-       Your presale code allows you to purchase a ticket during a protected timeframe, it is not a guarantee of a ticket

-       Navigate to

-       Click on the Ticket icon at the top of the home page

-       Select the Sport you wish to view

-       Select the applicable Class, this will bring up all events in one class and will be organized by district number

-       Choose the matchup from the list of events

-       You will see ticket sales do not begin until date/time, this is when presales expire

-       Click the link Have a passcode?

-       Enter the provided presale code and click Apply

-       Enter the number of tickets and click Checkout (there is a transaction fee for online ordering)

-       Name, email, and phone are required in case contact tracing is necessary

-       Enter card information to purchase the ticket

-       Ticket will be sent to you electronically for presentation at the gate for admission, which may be printed or remain on the device for scanning

Email for purchase support.