Science Olympiad

Regional Science Olympiad was held Saturday February 26.  Students competed phenomenally, placing 1st as a team in the region.  Many students placed 1st in their own events.  Student event placing is as follows:

1st Astronomy; Mason Duncan and Brea Haines

1st Chem Lab: Katie See and Karen See

1st Detector Building: Mason Duncan and Drake Whitman

1st Experimental Design: Gabe Haines, Andrew Ricketts, and Emmalee Wyatt

1st Forensics: Kate Kottman and Brea Haines

1st Protein Modeling: Anna White and Karen See

1st Sounds of Music: Anna White and Brea Haines

1st Write It, CAD It: Kate Kottman Emry Gutz

2nd Designer Genes: Anna White and Katie See

2nd Dynamic Planet: Andrew Rickettsand Mason Duncan

2nd Machines: Drake Whitmanand Gabe Haines

2nd Water Quality: Kate Kottman and Andrew Ricketts

3rd Ornithology: Drake Whitman and Emmalee Wyatt

4th Circuit Lab: Drake Whitmanand Emry Gutz

4th Codebusters: Gabe Haines, Katie See and Karen See

5th Disease Detectives: Karen See and Katie See

Final overall team placings:

C10 - Salisbury


C11 - Macon Orange


C09 - Palmyra


C08 - Cairo Gold